A word about my word art!

I am Claire and I am Iris Occasions! I am a Mum to two gorgeous girls, have been a graphic designer for over 20 years and I love designing beautiful, personalised word art posters for a special unique gift.

I left full-time employment to have my first daughter in 2004 and was very fortunate to be presented with an opportunity to go freelance. This has worked perfectly and, since 2016, I have also been enjoying creating beautiful word art gifts alongside my day to day design work.

I have always been fascinated by space on a page, the positive and negative, space created by what is required to be there and the space that is left in between. Typography is the perfect way to display this. I created a poster a few years ago for my husband for Christmas which I was pleased with but thought nothing more of, then a friend asked me to produce an anniversary poster for her parents. I decided to set up a selling page for word art and graphics and used theirs as my first layout. Since then I have worked on different layouts with different themes and have now built up dozens of layouts in different colourways. But if you still don’t see exactly what you are after, drop me a message and we can work together to produce your ideal poster. I do not use any automated software to create the word arts for me. I pride myself on creating special prints that have been carefully created just for you and the intended recipient.

Iris Ruby Anniv WordArt Demo – Medium  If you would like to see a quick look into how I create my posters this video gives a little insight.

Thank you for looking at my shop and reading my story.

Claire x

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