A little bit about me.


Hello I am Shirani, I am a jewellery designer maker. I like experimenting with various different ways of
creating colour and texture. I make contemporary style jewellery as well as
bespoke personalized jewellery.

I live in Harlow Essex, and I am a mother of 2 children and
a grandmother too. I was born and grew up in Sri Lanka, I came to England in

 Things I like and
don’t like.

I am a friendly, easy going, fun loving person. I find
cooking, gardening and painting very relaxing. I also like taking part in
sports like tennis, table tennis and circuit training. I have always been a
creative person. I love art, sculpture and textures.

I love traveling exploring different countries their culture
and food. I like socialising meeting friends and going out. In other words I
really enjoy eating, drinking and having fun with friends.

On weekends I like to treat myself by making cakes and
puddings. My favourite cake to make is carrot cake.

A bit about my past

As I mentioned before, I am a proud Sri Lankan who moved to
England in 1987, where I had my two children. When my children were young, I
was a pre-school teacher and I enjoyed teaching. It was very rewarding, I
enjoyed seeing the progress of the first stages of children learning. I was
responsible for the creative activities in the school and enjoyed doing various

Later when my children were older, I decided to go to local
collage to do an art and design diploma. I enjoyed it very much and had good
results. The tutors encouraged me to go to university. That is where my journey
to jewellery started.

I will tell you the journey into my jewellery in my next

See you soon.




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  1. Lovely to hear a little about your background.

  2. Thank you.

  3. Hi, lovely to read about you and your jewellery is beautiful. Always interesting to find out about fellow TBCH artisans. I’m in Sawbridgeworth so just down the road. Look forward to your next blog.

  4. Lovely blog – love your designs too!

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