A busy week at TWOO HQ

It was a busy week here at TWOO HQ, last week, with two commissions, two drawstring bags, a new skill, and a trip to the fabric shop for supplies. 

The first commission order came in on Monday for two Craft Fair Aprons, or Market Stall Aprons. I haven’t quite decided what to call them yet. Suggestions on a postcard, please. Anyway, last summer, not long after I got my sewing machine, I made myself a little apron. More for fun than anything else, I’d never thought about making them for sale. But it was perfect to wear at craft fairs (hence the name) with a good sized pocket to keep a cash float in along with a card machine, pen, and any other essentials.

My craft fair apron
My craft fair apron

When I was at a craft fair at the beginning of March my neighbouring stall holders were commenting on my apron and wondering if I could make some for them?  Yes, I could!  They wondered if they could applique their business names on to the pocket?  Yes, they could. I thought that it would be nicer if they first worked on the pockets before I stitched them in to place. That way the stitching from the applique would be securely tucked inside the pocket lining. So we arranged that I would send them the pocket fabric in the post, to return to me once finished. Fast forward to Monday there and, having chosen their fabric options, I placed an order for the materials online. 

I really enjoy receiving commission orders. It’s great to be stretched and challenged a little, to learn new skills and techniques. It also helps me to gauge what you, my customer, would like me to stock in my shop.

Tuesday saw me take a walk in the sunshine, through The Meadows, to a great fabric shop here in Edinburgh. I stocked up on some new prints, threads, ribbons and trims. I’ve chosen some fantastic prints that I’ll share with you in the coming weeks: pink flamingos, ostrich feathers, kingfishers…  

On Wednesday I made a couple of new drawstring bags to stock up my shop here on The British Craft House. I tried a new technique to finish off the seams: French Seam. This is great for tidying away open edges of fabric and making a really secure finish. It felt counter-intuative to start with (sewing wrong sides together) but once I’d got my head around that it all seemed to make sense. I’ll be using the French Seam finish in all my makes from now on, where appropriate.

Cream Flowers Drawstring Bag
Cream Flowers Drawstring Bag

Thursday brought second commission of the week – a plea from a friend. Could I make some yellow polka dot bunting for her little girl?  Absolutely yes!  I looked through my stash of fabrics and pulled some colour combinations together. Then I drew up a couple of options, photographed some fabric swatches, and emailed it over for my friend and her daughter to mull over.   She liked my designs so much that she ordered two strings of bunting.  I’ve had to modify the plan slightly to accommodate a shortage in some of the fabric, that I now can’t restock, but I’m looking forward to making those and sharing them with you this week. 

The apron fabric that I’d ordered earlier in the week arrived on Friday. I wash all my fabrics before cutting to allow for shrinkage and check for colour fastness. It helps to give me peace of mind and I can then pass on washing instructions to my customers. Having prepped the fabric for the apron pockets I then sent the panels off in the post for the ladies to applique. I’m looking forward to seeing what design they come up with and in the meantime I can begin to prep the rest of the pieces to make their aprons. 

Saturday and the weekend. I spent the morning catching up on social media to see what everyone else had been up to. There are some super-talented crafters out there and it’s lovely to share in the creating community with them. I retweeted some posts, took part in a hashtag hour, and scrolled through Instagram. 

It’s been a great week, I’ve really enjoyed all that I’ve done, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this week brings. 

Take care, everyone,

C xxx

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