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Ocean Blue Metal Herb Planter

A lovely message popped in via WhatsApp, from a lady called Clare from Wales providing me with her name and address telling me she had won the Advent Competition, so I immediately gave her the option of planter in the competition or if she would prefer an alternative to perhaps match a colour scheme. Do I have a blue one?, she asked, instead of feeling happy this single comment made me sad, as it confirmed what I was seeing, that not one person had visited my shop, as per the stats on the dashboard, not even the winner of the competition. 

Anyway, today, I made a planter  just for her in Ocean Blue. I really do hope she likes it, I checked tomorrow was ok for delivery, but haven’t heard back, anyway I am sure the courier can rearrange delivery if its not convenient. 

On a more positive note, the herbs on my kitchen window sill are positively blooming. There is nothing like picking fresh herbs, the Mint is thriving, the parsley lovely and full, sadly the Basil is dying off slowly but gives off such an amazing aroma in the kitchen I am so pleased I picked it up. 

I am still in love with my fence display of planters, the twinkling lights bounce the light off the plain metal ones, and the colours one just look so pretty with the lights, am pleased my brackets have worked as well. 

White Metal Herb Planter
White Metal Herb Planter

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